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Location: Zwijndrecht

Are you a beginner at gymnastics and have you always dreamed of doing flips and other exciting element of gymnastics? Than our training sessions on Sunday are definitely something for you! Twice a month we train at a gymnastics hall in Zwijndrecht on Sunday evening from 18.45h to 20.45h. The hall in Zwijndrecht is a new gymnastics hall, which has all the facilities present you can expect at a great gymnastics hall.

For the people who travel by public transport, we gather at Rotterdam Centraal at 17:56 (or Blaak at 18:00). At 18.30h we gather at the hall, located at Uilenvliet 1 in Zwijndrecht. We start the practice at 18.45h with a warm-up on the spring floor in the middle of the hall. After the warm-up everyone is free to do whatever they want. All equipment for both men and women are available in the hall, on which you can train at a high level. Besides the usual equipment, there is also a foam pit available, in which you can train for all the different elements. The foam pit is ideal for learning new elements! Besides the foam pit, there's also an airtrack, big trampoline, fitness room and trampoline track available.

Practices on Sunday are accessible for all levels. Beginners can safely try new elements in the foam pit they wouldn't have the courage to do in our own hall! Advanced gymnasts can also progress much faster in this hall. Learning new elements and improving them is much easier with the camera system, with which you can record yourself and watch your own routine. This way you can progress much faster!