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Location: Erasmus Sports

Every Tuesday and Thursday evening we train in hall 1 of the Erasmus Sports building (Building S). This hall is used by all different kinds of sports clubs, which means the gymnastics equipment is not always in place. At the start of practice we build up all the equipment together to transform the hall into a real gymnastics hall. The training sessions on Tuesday are led by Zsolt Gál and the sessions on Thursday are led by Lieke Schiphof-Godart.

We start the practice together with a warm-up. After that we all go to the different elements we built up earlier. For both men and women all gymnastic elements are available in our hall. There's also equipment available for stregth training. We end each sessions with some stregth exercises, led by the coach. 


Practices on Tuesday and Thursday are accessible for all levels. Beginning gymnasts have plenty of possibilities in this hall to learn the basics and progress at a fast rate. The coahces and the members of Euroturn are always ready to help you out. Advanced gymnasts also have enough possibilities to train at a high level in this hall.