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Here you will find some pictures of our training sessions and activities.


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Open practice 2018

Would you like to learn new skills? Do you want to be a bit stronger or flexible? Or are you just interested in joining the best sports association of Rotterdam?                Join our open practice on the 4th and 11th of September at sports hall 1 in the Erasmus Sports Centre!

National Student Competition Groningen May 20

Yesterday the last national student competition of the academic year took place in Groningen, so the Euroturn members travelled to the far north! All the members showed their best, resulting in 3 medals and many nice routinesTo explain the levels: For men there are 4. For Women there are 6. In both categories level 1 is the highestEuroturn won prizes in the following levels: silver Men 1, by Erik Gál, bronze Women 3, by Livia Kempkens and gold Women 3, by Tara van de Lagemaat. One of our members just missed a prize and got fourth in Men 4 (Harry Kermode). However, without our proud supporters we could Not have achieved these results!Afterwards we enjoyed an awesome poolparty??‍♀️! More than 150 students from 10 different student gymnastics associations attended this party!

On to the next successful year!

New website

We're currently developing a new website. If something's not working exactly as it should, please let us know via the contact page!

Open practices September 5th and 12th

The new year has just started and a lot of new students have arrived at the Erasmus University! That is why RSTV Euroturn is organizing two open training sessions, so you can come by and get to know our association and maybe even get to know the whole sport. The open training sessions will be held on Tuesday September 5th and Tuesday September 12th, from 19.00h to 22.00h in training hall 1 of the Erasmus Sports building (Building S). On these two nights everyone is welcome to come take a look at one of our practices. You will also get free entrance to the Erasmus Sports building. 

Would you like to come by and join these sessions? Please let us know by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

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